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  • My picky dog loves it - her tummy and allergies are so much better on vegan food!!!

  • My cats are happy because it tastes good and satisfies their hunger. I am happy because I am able to have cats without sacrificing other animals' lives to feed them. My veterinarian is happy because my cats are healthy.

  • My cat loves Ami. My vet who is not vegan said he is perfect in every way on this food. Great fur, skin, eyes, ears, teeth, energy, muscle mass, weight, and his blood and urine results are also perfect. She said to not change a thing and see you in a year. This is nutritionally complete without the death and garbage in traditional catfood.

  • Easy transition from the meat based cat food my cat was originally on to this brand. He seems to really enjoy it with no negative changes in behaviour or bowel movements.

  • So far so good it seems to be helping my dog he has allergies and doesn’t seem as itchy since switching him to this food.