Ami, it’s a lifestyle

The first entirely plant-based pet food company in the world, since 2002

Loving all animals, protecting the earth, respecting people, doing science.

When science and conscience meet, responsibility and consciousness begin to walk together, hand in hand in our everyday lives and they guide us in our choices for our home and family.

Ami Planet thinks about the four-legged family members and nourishes them by respecting all animals, people and our planet.

This is the Ami Lifestyle, ever since 2002.

Today Ami exists in over 30 countries, growing day by day by making new friends in a world that is more aware, careful and informed everyday.

Balance, science, sustainability, love and culture.

These are key words to those who chose Ami, to those who lead a conscious lifestyle.

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Proudly Cruelty-free

Quality without compromises

Explore a range of products that allow you to take care of your dog and your cat everyday in an eco-friendly, complete, healthy and loving way.

One Planet
One Planet
One Planet, One world, Our lifestyle

Complete and balanced daily food for dogs and cats, plant based, OGM free, drug residue-free, and no gluten formula.

Small Gestures of Love
Small Gestures of Love
Small Gestures of Love

Products to tell them you love them, that they have been well-behaved, to greet them when coming back home or to praise their composure on walks. Small (but healthy) treats, small everyday gestures of love.

Learning Together
Learning Together

Amìs educational line, developed with some of the best professionals in the world - an indispensable support for dog trainers and more. Coming in 2023.


One Planet News

News about Ami, the plant based world, our friends, aka all animals, and the future we're building together.

a new Ami's ambassador

Three new countries

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A plant based diet also for cats? Yes, according to science.

Cats may get health benefits from vegan diet, study suggests

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Finally in Turkey!

We're proud to have a new official Ambassador in Turkey!

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