Our four pillars

What we believe in

Loving all animals, protecting the earth, respecting people, doing science.

Our four pillars

Our goals

Amì’s first mission has always been proving that it is possible to create a company, products and well-being by respecting animals, the environment and people.

During the company’s establishment this concept sounded “revolutionary” but today, luckily, this is an ever-growing global trend.

Just like everything else, Amì has evolved and has reached its twenty year anniversary, ready to undertake new and ambitious challenges for the future.

In order to reach its objectives, and to keep following its ethical and sustainable tradition that has always characterized it, Amì has created 4 pillars that guide product, market and partnership choices:

Loving All Animals
Protecting the Earth
Respecting People
Doing Science

With these principles, we keep working to grow and to guarantee well-being to our consumers in a sustainable, ethical, healthy and peaceful way.

Amì is not only a quality brand, it is also a symbol of a culture that is concrete, eco-friendly and ethical. It’s a lifestyle.


Loving all animals

The reasoning behind choosing to feed cats and dogs an industrial kibble that is a complete pet food , is not only based on practicality, but also on the respect and health of our pets. In fact, our kibble diet guarantees the compliance with all of the highest nutritional parameters established by international authorities, by using plant-based feed materials. Amì is an ethical and sustainable option which is opposed to intensive livestock farming, animal slaughter and the severe impact that these have had on the environment.

Protecting the Earth

To protect the Earth means to protect all animals. To those emphasising that a plant based diet is not natural for cats and dogs, please be reminded that in the wild cats do not hunt for tuna, just like dogs do not hunt for cows. Our aim is to offer our four- legged friends a diet that meets their nutritional needs, without resorting to
cruelty and by respecting our planet. Science, just like conscience, are continuously evolving and provide
us with more awareness and new options for choice. The Amì diet implies harmony with nature, revealed by science and guided by our love for animals.

Respecting people

Balance is important, but so is Harmony. A man standing upside down on one arm can be balanced, but will unlikely feel harmonious. Lifestyle Amì is a concept that not only involves plant-based feed materials, but also the choices we have made in view of greater harmony and sustainability. It guarantees high-quality products, ethical and responsible choices, professional respect and both mental and physical health for all animals, human beings included.

Doing Science

Over the last century, needless and unspeakable pain has been inflicted onto animals in the name of science and progress. In our sector, we repudiate this idea and consider it to be despicable, obsolete and utterly unnecessary. We know what the most appropriate nutritional parameters are for our pets. We follow cruelty free science and its continuous development. We constantly research and try to improve daily, guided by our heart and experience, respecting both science and conscience.