We strongly believe in human relationships and we carefully choose our partners. We want to share the same values and create a honest, lasting and strong relationship with them.

Similia similibus

A friend to all is a friend to none. (Arthur Schopenhauer)


The e-shop for private and retailer customers of eco-sustainable Greenpink Community, which chooses exclusively Amì products for our animals nutrition and chooses Amì also to collaborate with, for mutual future projects!

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An example of virtuous project in defence of animals; For people who believe in business that leads to happiness and not to the destruction of the world and the planet. A beautiful project that comes from the ''heart''!

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Centro di Scienze Comportamentali del Cane

Csc S.r.l. Is a spin-off company of the University of Padua; Italian and European excellence in ethology. Csc S.r.l. collaborates with police and institutions, also provides citizens with their own services.

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Camon is an Italian leader company in the distribution of pet products. Also Camon chose Amì products for its catalog, as they share the same values, such as eco-sustainability, quality and research without any compromise.

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